Class 12th CBSE boards vs JEE Main 2022

What to choose between Class 12th CBSE boards vs JEE Main 2022| Margdarshan

The biggest dilemma in the lives of students strikes them when they are on the verge of giving their 12th board exams, and entrance exams where have to decide the point of their focus. JEE 2022 Aspirants are going through the same situation, as they are juggling between their JEE preparation and impending board exams. The dicey status quo can become depressing and can lead to wastage of time and energy. So, keeping our words to help you in every thick and thins, Margdarshan is here with some shreds of advice that might help you in emerging out victorious at both the battles, JEE and board exams. 

JEE VS Boards

The Difference

There is a significant difference between both the exams as JEE Exam includes only Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics whereas boards have additional subjects too and you have to emphasize on them also. Your preparation needs to be very theoretical and confined in boards but conceptual and wide spanned for the grand entrance.

The Similarity

The silver lining to the situation is that both the exams have a big part of the syllabus in common and that makes simultaneous preparation of boards and engineering entrance easy.


The conclusive statement is that: To maintain a viable balance between preparation of both the exams, your approach should be highly efficient and pragmatic. 


Relax! Take a deep breath and trust Margdarshan as we are here to provide you with tips and tricks that you can follow and maintain an artistic level equilibrium in both the preparations. These tips will help you know how to prepare for JEE and 12th board exams simultaneously.


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  • The Precise Time 

Actions are as perfect as is the timing of their execution and that saying goes well with your preparation for C.B.S.E boards 2022 and JEE Mains 2022 too. If you start too early then you might end up exhausted, bored, and confused before exams and if you start late then be ready to get panicked and hopeless, being honest, these exams are not a joke at all. To make a name in board exams and JEE as well, you need to start your preparations according to your capacity so that you can complete the whole syllabus from both points of view well before the exam and have sufficient time to revise. 

  • Segregate the syllabus

Many parts of JEE syllabus are in common with board exams. Segregate the common topics and cover them first for simultaneous preparation. Leave the topics that are just in JEE syllabus for the time that you get after your board exams. 


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  • Focus on boards first

You cannot ignore the fact that scoring well on boards is essential for your future. Taking them lightly to focus more on your JEE preparation can cost you big. In fact, preparing deeply for boards first will only help you as it will cover a good part of your JEE syllabus also. Additionally, if your board exams will go well then it will add to your confidence psychologically and you will prepare more enthusiastically for JEE Mains afterward.

12th Board exams are a turning point in a student's life and so is JEE exam for engineering aspirants. To make a distinct mark in both the exams is a tough but possible task and a smart strategy, self-confidence, disciplined preparation, and practice can help you do that effectively. So, make wise decisions for your future and stay tuned to Margdarshan for more updates and tips.

Some good colleges around the nation offer admission to various engineering courses through a merit list generated based on a 12th mark. In fact, due to Covid-19 many Engineering colleges that used to take entrance exams switched to the 12th marks criteria for admissions.

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Last but not the least, Make sure to keep calm during exam. Taking too much pressure of any exam can cause more harm than good.

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