NEET PYQs with Solutions

Are you searching for free online study material for NEET? There you go! Undoubtedly, to break through this mighty door to top medical colleges in India by qualifying NEET is not a cakewalk. You need to sweep through every nook and corner of the syllabus. When we are on for NEET preparation, the most significant help can be proposed by the previous years' question papers. Providing you with a deep and direct insight on how your potential question paper is supposed to be, the previous years’ question papers are vital for full-fledged preparation. Moreover, they can act as a much realistic NEET mock test series for you to analyze your current knowledge level.

Why are previous year's NEET question papers helpful?


Being on the verge of the biggest medical entrance exam in India, you can't waste your time trying and testing the methodologies of preparation. Now is the time when you go for the foolproof methods to sharpen your knowledge. Going by the words of all the toppers to date, solving the previous years' question papers can show miraculous productivity. Why? Here are the reasons:


  • Get the real-time idea

Previous year's question papers give you the exact idea of the pattern, type of questions, marking scheme and topical density of the question paper. These papers can substitute for a good NEET test series.

  • Gives more output in less time

In a limited time, practising a previous year question paper allows you to cover more concepts than studying a single topic. It, therefore, adds productivity to your time and is best for that last day’s revision.

  • Tells you your lagging spots

While solving a previous year question paper, you cover almost all of the parts of the syllabus and therefore it tells you on which part you need to focus more for a dauntless preparation.

  • Boosts up your confidence

Giving a mock with previous year question papers increases your confidence and mitigates your exam-related stress and anxiety. It helps you analyze the perfect time strategy and sectional management for your real exam.

  • Increases your speed

Speed can be a game-changer when it comes to the exam. Solving previous years question paper and NEET mock test series help you increase your speed with accuracy. This can help you really big in your actual exam.

It would definitely not a wise take to skip out on previous years question papers if you aspire to crack through the NEET. For summing up your viable and rigid preparation for the exam, do trace every inch available of these question papers.

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