Formula Book for JEE Main 2024

Almost 70% of JEE exam questions can be solved with a single or group of formulas without applying any exception or theoretical concept, so won’t it be an easier task to crack the exam if you remember all the formulas. No, we are not underrating the conceptual knowledge and understanding of PCM, as you cannot succeed in these subjects if you don’t have a knack for understanding the concepts. But, cramming after understanding is no harm.

So, without deviating from our core mission of helping you through every thick and thins of exam, Margdarshan brings to you a crisp and reliable JEE Mains formula book having all important formulas for JEE Mains developed after intensive research by our expert panel. This book will act as a catalyst for your JEE Mains preparation by making you more resourceful.


The brainchild of our subject experts, the formula book by Margdarshan is:

  • Expert-curated list of JEE Mains important formulas without any fluff.
  • A smartly maintained and well-designed hierarchy book to trace the required formula in seconds.
  • Detailed and thorough formulas of each subject.
  • Handy online version to start memorizing the formulas whenever you find time like traveling, minutes before sleep, etc.
  • Fully proofread pdf without any mistake to the best of our knowledge.

Benefits of Using The Formula Book

  • Helps you track down important formulas faster without shuffling between the pages of random books.
  • You can utilize your free and interstitial time in memorizing the all-time available set of formulas.
  • Saves you your precious time.
  • Increases accuracy and adds to your speed.
  • Saves you from hassle and chances of mistakes in deduction of formulas. You must know how to deduce, but you must also be quick in exams.

How to use

Resources are helpful only for those who know how to judiciously use them. So, the ground rules to use our formula book are:

  1. Keep Handy- Always keep the book with you while preparing to find the required formula easily. You can develop separate chemistry, mathematics, and physics formula book for JEE Mains using this.
  2. Make Sticky Notes- With the help of the book, make sticky notes to paste in showers, stairs, etc for a glance.
  3. Use in interstices- Since the book is on mobile so you can carry it everywhere. So, whenever you get time just jump on it to utilize every second of your free time.
  4. Don’t directly jump on it- We are again emphasizing that the formula book is for smart preparation only. You cannot ditch the concepts and directly cram the formulas as it will lead to a little knowledge that you know is a dangerous thing. Turn to the book only when you know the basic idea behind the formulas.


Your preparation should be both, intense and smart, to crack one of the most demanding entrance exams of a nation. Go intense on concept clarity but smart by cramming formulas to save extra seconds in exams. We hope that our formula book for JEE Mains is helpful for you and you can get maximum output from it. We will be always available for the best help we can make for you.

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Physics Formula Book
Chemistry Formula Book
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