How to handle pressure during any exam?

How to handle pressure during any exam?

Handling pressure in any exam is very crucial and difficult. No one is calm enough to take the exam pressure easily. In pressure, the performance of the individual can be affected. So there is a need, to handle the pressure during any exam.

For decades, it has been a problem for everyone to perform in the pressure and very few can handle it, similarly, it happens in the exam. There are various methods and techniques to calm you during exams, but the best strategy is revision. We will discuss it later because first, we need to understand how pressure affects our performance and the factors causing pressure during the exam.

We have learned about pressure in chemistry, as the pressure increases the temperature of the system also increases. Hence when we are under pressure, we lose our temperament and due to this our decision taking ability decreases. We could not recall what we have studied, we could not even understand what examiner is asking and this thing is enough to understand how pressure affects our performance.

The factors which cause pressure are

  1. Lack of Preparation: Lack of preparation creates anxiety during an exam. This creates pressure on us and we could not even recall what we have studied earlier. So preparation is necessary before giving any exam.
  2. Lack of Information: We should know about the exam pattern. Many students do not know about the scheme of the paper. The knowing pattern helps us to plan our studies which are directly related to our performance.
  3. Lack of Revision: It is the most important factor during any preparation, the lack of revision causes stress and affects performance. The revision enhances memory capacity and boosts our performance. Various strategies can be followed during preparation and this exam pressure can be handled with the help of this stategy.

The top 3 strategies are given in the video, which will help you in handling the exam pressure. 

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