JEE Mains January 2020 with solution

Solving sample papers and previous years papers for JEE Mains  are considered a good exercise to prepare for JEE Main because they give you a look and feel of the difficulty level of the exam, the types of questions asked and distribution of questions. Also, you can’t go to an exam like JEE Mains expecting to get the same set of questions you practiced at home. Yes, if you practice enough sample papers, it may happen that the types and concepts of the questions may overlap, making it easier for you to answer.

Also, the more sample papers you solve, the concepts become clearer and your problem solving ability improves Lastly, being able to attempt the questions available in the previous year’s paper for JEE Mains will boost the momentum of the candidates. High confidence level is very important to be able to give best in the exam.

Click the link below to get Previous Year Papers for JEE Mains September 2020 for Free:
Previous year papers for JEE Mains (Jan, 2020)

Jan 7th-Shift-1 with solutions
Jan 7th-Shift-2 with solutions
Jan 8th-Shift-1 with solutions
Jan 9th-Shift-1 with solutions
Jan 9th-Shift-2 with solutions