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We have known since our childhood that winners do things differently. But, what makes that difference is the biggest nut to crack. The one who knows that secret, can actually ladder up to the success they dream about, and we at Margdarshan helps you with that secret recipe of success. A single stop station to all your JEE Mains, NEET, GATE and MBA concerns and queries, Margdarshan puts you on a perfect trajectory towards cracking to your dream institution. With subject experts on board, we take on all your queries to make the image of your success quite clear and accessible.


Why Choose Margdarshan

Nobody can guarantee success and if anyone does, BEWARE! We don’t want to lure you with a plated success assurance. What we do is direct you on the correct path towards making your dreams come true by following the below strategy:

  • Clearing your queries, may it be subjective, conceptual or exam centred
  • Mentor you out of anxiety, stress and self-doubt.
  • Provide you with optimized and crisp study material for your respective exam.
  • Provide you with the most realistic and exam-specific test series.
  • Bring professionals for you to wash your doubts
  • Provide you with an honest and realistic approach towards getting admission to your dream institute
  • Provide you with all the updated information regarding exams, results, college counselling and admissions and our tools like JEE advanced rank predictor, college predictor JEE advanced, etc. give you the exact status quo.

Our Strength

We are not magicians and not even some exam insiders who can steal the question papers for you. We are just a bunch of academic connoisseurs who aim towards providing the most productive guidance and mentoring to the next-gen dreamers and aspirants so that their journey towards success becomes easy, tidy and stress-free.

Our strength lies in our intentions towards providing the best to the students and our highly talented experts who are always on the go to make things easy and better for the aspirants of competitive exams. The viable approach of our subject matter experts in formulating the test series and study material makes it the best choice for students planning for a resourceful and productive study.

Our Value

Each year a new set of aspirants land in the world of competitive exams with high hopes, but not all are wealthy enough to shed a fortune on coaching at expensive centres with fancy buildings. Our primary value is to provide such students with all the concrete and revised free study material for JEE, NEET and other exams to help them save both time and money. With proper guidance, preparation strategy and resources, we help students to land at their dream institute. Since IIT-JEE and NEET are not just exams but doors to India's premium education hubs, we reach out to the highest efforts in providing students with the most robust exam strategies, and further assist them in Josaa counselling

Future Ventures

The overwhelming response from IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants for Margdarshan encouraged us to expand our horizons to newer domains of education and more additions to the venture. We are all heads up for getting MBA experts on board to help out all the IIM aspirants reach their desired institute. Also, we are at on-table discussions about adding more features to our already adorned initiative to leave an impeccable impact.

Our Aspiration

We at Margdarshan aspires to take this venture to the heights where it becomes synonymous with IIT's, IIM's and top medical institutes. We are in full spirits to provide the students with the best they can access. Leaving no stone unturned, our experts are not differentiating between days and nights to emerge out with the most workable and successful master plans towards cracking the giants of competitive exams. We look forward to making these exams less of trouble and more fun.


There is a sea of aspirants out there for each competitive exam, but, the potential seat holders are just a bucket- full. So, if you want to land in the bucket then make a wiser choice by investing your time and concentration in productive and smart preparation. Get a fruitful Margdarshan for yourself to taste success sooner and better.

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Marg-darshan Rectangles

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