Biology Mock Test - II

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Q 1.
Foot is displaced to the neighbourhood of mouth and divided into arms in

Q 2.

What is common between leech, centipede and earthworm

a. are hermaphrodite                   b. have no legs

c. have Malphighian tubules        d. have ventral nerve cord.

Q 3.
Germ cell of sponges are

Q 4.
Except annelida and arthropoda metameric segmentation is found in :

Q 5.
The postanal tail is present in

Q 6.
The strongest muscle of the body is found in :

Q 7.
This is not the cell of areolar tissue:

Q 8.
Power of regeneration is minimum in :

Q 9.
Which cells have the shape of singnet rings?

Q 10.
Part of the alimentary canal of Pheretima lined internally by cuticle is :

Q 11.
Which of the following amino acids has hydroxyl methyl group as its R group?

Q 12.
Setae help in locomotion in earthworm but not uniformly present in all segments. Select among the following that represent setae

Q 13.
Pick out the wrong statement:

Q 14.
If alive earthworm is picked with a needle on its outer surface without damaging its gut, the fluid that comes out is :

Q 15.
.During and injury nasal septum gets damaged, for recovery which cartilage is responsible?

Q 16.
.What happens if the secretion of parietal cells of gastric glands is blocked with an inhibitor?

Q 17.
Which of the following are absorbed in the alimentary canal as such?

Q 18.
Anti-Haemorrhagic vitamin is :

Q 19.

Match the following and choose correct one

A) Duodenum           1) Zymogen

B) parietal cells         2) Secretin

C) Paneth cells         3) Lysozyme

D) Chief cells            4) HCl

Q 20.
Heparin is produced by :

Q 21.
.The respiratory centre in the brain is stimulated by

Q 22.
The medulla has two respiratory nuclei or centres. Which centre inhibits the inspiratory centre when deep expiration is required?

Q 23.
Respiration is controlled by

Q 24.
The carotid bodies and aortic bodies concerned with breathing are located :

Q 25.

(A) : Both each stroke volume 70mL of blood is pumped by each ventricle

(R): The duration of a cardiac cycle is directly proportional to the number of heart beats

In the following question a statement of assertion (A) is followed by a statement of reason (R).

Q 26.
The rate of breathing in hypothermia :

Q 27.
The cardiac pacemaker in a patent fails to function normally. The doctors find that an artificial pacemaker is to be grafted in him. It is likely that it will be grafted at the site of

Q 28.
‘Lub’ and ‘dub’ are heart sounds, one of them is higher pitched and shorter.

Q 29.
You are required to draw blood from a patient and to keep it in a test tube for analysis of blood corpuscles and plasma. You are also provided with the following four types of test tubes. Which of these will you not use for the purpose?

Q 30.
In human heart, there is a small oval depression left of the opening of inferior vena cava in inter auricular septum. It is called :

Q 31.
Colour of urine is yellow due to the pigment

Q 32.
In certain pathological conditions or old age there is arterial inelasticity i.e., loss of elasticity. This condition is called

Q 33.
Sweating is meant for

Q 34.
In deserts heat death in camels in mainly due to :

Q 35.
A cricket player is fat chasing a ball in the field. Which one of the following groups of bones are directly contributing in this movement?

Q 36.
The glomerular filtrate is normally in osmotic equilibrium with the plasma, hence the plasma is said to be :

Q 37.
Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

Q 38.
Which of the following is also called Duct of Bellini?

Q 39.
Excessive stimulation of vagus nerve in humans may lead to

Q 40.
The parasympathetic nerves arise from :

Q 41.
The homeostatic regulation of an animal requires three basic components, _____ to detect changes, ______ to evaluate the changes and ______ to adjust the changes respectively.

Q 42.
Arbor vitae controls :

Q 43.
If dorsal nerve of spinal cord is broken down then its effect is:

Q 44.
The cranial nerve which brings about reflex of vomiting and swallowing is :

Q 45.
When both ovaries are removed from rat then which hormone is decreased in blood?

Q 46.
Over secretion of glucocorticoid due to excess ACTH leads to :

Q 47.
MSH is secreted by

Q 48.
Calcitonin has little effect on the adults although it is sometimes given by injection or nasal spray in the treatment of _________

Q 49.
What is the effect of GnRH produced by hypothalamus?

Q 50.
Parathormone influences calcium absorption in the small intestine by regulating the metabolism of

Q 51.
The female hormone inhibin is secreted by

Q 52.
The motion sickness is caused due to excessive stimulation of :

Q 53.
Head of epididymis present at head of testis is

Q 54.
The function of vagus nerve innervating the heart is to :

Q 55.

Given below are assertion and reason. Point out if both are true and the reason is correct explanation

(A): In a woman after hysterectomy (removal of uterus), the ovarian cycle is stopped.

(R): Stoppage of FSH secretion

Q 56.
The direction of light striking the retina will be :

Q 57.
Mammary glands are modification of

Q 58.
The scrotum regulates the temperature of the testis through the action of the

Q 59.
Weight loss, infections and cancers are the most common symptoms of the disease

Q 60.
When mammary gland of male develop similar to that of female, then this condition is known as

Q 61.
In IVF-ET technology, developing embryo is implanted in the uterus at

Q 62.
The branch of embryology which concerns with the study of abnormal embryonic development is termed as

Q 63.
In a cross between genotype AB and ++ , 650 out of 1000 individuals were parental type. The distance between A and B is:

Q 64.
Part of primitive gut is

Q 65.
Mutations which normally happen randomly are considered one of the raw materials for evolution because they

Q 66.

Assertion & Reasons

Assertion, A- As polyspermy is being slowly blocked the cortical granules explode and release their contents into the perivetelline space.

Reason, R- Quick blocking of polyspermy sets in depolarisation of the egg plasmalemma and mobilization of \(Ca^{2+}\) from stores within the egg.

In the following question, a statement of assertion (A) is followed by a statement of reason (R)

Q 67.
Barr body of a mammal represents:

Q 68.

Match List I and List II and select the correct answer code

List I                          List II

A. Extinct                 (i) A Taxon is extinct when there is no reasonable doubt that the last individual has died.

B. Endangered        (ii) Facing a high risk of extinction in the wilds in the medium term future

C. Vulnerable          (iii) Facing a very high risk of extinction in the wilds in near future

D. Rare                   (iv) Species with small population at risk

Q 69.
In the garden pea, round seeds are dominant over wrinkled seeds. An investigator crosses a plant having round seeds with a plant having round seeds. He counts 400 offspring. How many of the offspring have wrinkled seeds if the plant having round seeds in a heterozygote?

Q 70.
Carcinogens present in tobacco smoke are

Q 71.
Which is the most important factor for continuity of a species form evolutionary point of view?

Q 72.
Industrial Toxicology Research Institute is situated in

Q 73.
Random genetic drift in a population probably results from

Q 74.
Man-made radioactive element Sr90 accumulates in the body through

Q 75.
Which of the following evidences does not favour the Lamarckian concept of inheritance of acquired characters?

Q 76.
Addiction of LSD leads to

Q 77.
Biological concept of species is mainly based on:

Q 78.
Headquarter of World Health Organisation is located at

Q 79.
Shirt-lived immunity acquired from the mother to foetus across placenta or through mother’s milk to the infant is categorised as

Q 80.

Match the Column I and Column II and select the correct answer code

Column I                                         Column II

(Psychological Disorders)              (Symptoms)

A. Mood disorders                         1. Distorted thought

B. Schizophrenia                           2. Depression

C. Borderline personality               3. Sweating, nausea, diarrhoea, trembling etc. disorder

D. Anxiety disorder                        4. Quarrelsome behaviour

Q 81.
Human immune deficiency virus (HIV) has a protein coat and a genetic material which is

Q 82.

Match column I and column II and choose the correct combination.

Column I               Column II

(Disease)              (Causal agent)

A. AIDS                (p) Yersinia pestis

B. Syphilis            (q) Hepatitis-B virus

C. Viral jaundice   (r) Treponema pallidum

D. STD                 (s) Neisseria gonorrhoea

                              (t) HIV

Q 83.
It is the practice of mating of animals within same breed, but having no common ancestors on either side of their pedigree up to 4 to 6 generations

Q 84.
Genetic traits are often carried on separate chromosomes. Which of the following genotype represents a dihybrid organism

Q 85.
The world biodiversity day is celebrated annually on:

Q 86.
In an experiment, AaBb (\(F_1\)) was test crossed with aabb. In the progeny, genotypes, AaBa, aaBb, were more frequent than that AaBb and aabb. The genotypes of the parents of \(F_1\) should be.

Q 87.
Animals take phosphorous from

Q 88.
The neurons present in dorsal root ganglion of spinal nerves is

Q 89.
Biomagnification of DDT causes decline in bird population by

Q 90.
A lady sues a man for support of her child she has blood group B, her child is of blood group O and that of man is B. Could the man be the father?

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