Biology Mock Test - I

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Q 1.
Diffusion pressure is directly proportional to:

Q 2.
Los of water by guttation occurs in plants through

Q 3.
What happens when a formalin preserved filament of Spirogyra is placed in a hypertonic sugar solution?

Q 4.
Mohl’s half-leaf experiment proves that

Q 5.
Nif genes occur in

Q 6.
The forest with thick canopy of tall trees with buttresses, epiphytes and lianas with high biodiversity is typical of

Q 7.
Which of the following statements about absorption spectrum is correct?

Q 8.
Parthenocarpic development of fruit is brought about by

Q 9.

With reference to Calvin cycles, which of the given options is correct for the following question?

I) How may gross PGAL molecules are produced?

II) Total, how may ATP molecules are required for synthesis of PGAL molecules?

III) Total, how may NADPH 2 molecules are required for the synthesis of obtained PGAL molecules?

Q 10.
Of the following statements, which one is true?

Q 11.
The enzyme that catalyses phosphorylation of the substrate without ATP molecule is

Q 12.
Symbiotic nitrogen fixation is brought about by

Q 13.
. FAD is electron acceptor during oxidation of which of the following?

Q 14.
Chromosomes having sub-terminal centromeres are called

Q 15.
. Gibberellin induces flowering in

Q 16.
Chromosomes are lined up in the equatorial plane during

Q 17.

Match the following:

List – 1                    List – 2

(A) Auxin                 p) GA3

(B) Gibberellin        q) Indole acetic acid

(C) Cytokinins         r) Abscisic acid

(D) Dormin              s) Acetic acid

                                t) Zeatin

The correct match is

Q 18.
The unwinding of DNA duplex is performed by an enzyme called

Q 19.
A synthetic seed consists of

Q 20.
One of the following is not an example for prey-predator food chain

Q 21.
.Rotenone, a natural insecticide, is obtained from

Q 22.
Hypanthodium is typically seen in

Q 23.
Major sources of Biofertilizers are

Q 24.
The conical root of carrot is a

Q 25.
Which enzyme is used in the polymerase chain reaction?

Q 26.
Organisms (living things) where RNA is genetic material, are

Q 27.
E. Coli cloning vector pBR 322 contains restriction sites (Hind III, Eco RI, Bam HI, SaI I, Pvu II, Pst I, Cla I), ori, \(amp^r\)\(tet^r \) , and rop. Rop codes for the

Q 28.
.Chromosomes which have definite roles in sex determination, are

Q 29.
\( \alpha\) -1 Antitrypsin is

Q 30.

Match the following:

Column I                Column II

A. Radial                p. Cucurbitaceae

B. Collateral           q. Dracaena

C. Bicollateral         r. Root system

D. Concentric         s. Dicot stem

                               t. Seed

Q 31.
.Which of the following nematodes infects the roots of tobacco plants and causes a great reduction in yield?

Q 32.
A snake feeding on a rat is an example for

Q 33.
A genetically engineered microorganism used successfully in bioremediation of oil spills is a species of

Q 34.
The phenomenon where the pollutants pass in higher concentration through the food chain and accumulate into the maximum quantity in the final consumer is called

Q 35.
.Bond between the following is an ester bond

Q 36.
.The uptake of soil ions by the root system is by a process of

Q 37.
Nucleic acids can be fragmented by

Q 38.
Ascending order of ecological units in the increasing order of complexity is

Q 39.
m – RNA chain has 66 nitrogen bases. The last three are UAG. What will be the number of functional codons and aminoacids in the polynucleotide chain

Q 40.
.One of the following pairs is an example for hespiridum

Q 41.
.Nawaschin discovered triple fusion in

Q 42.
.Haploid plants can be produced by

Q 43.
.Wrong match among the following

Q 44.
.In angiosperms, triple fusion results in the formation of

Q 45.
The taxonomist who popularised the binomial system

Q 46.
.Chargaff’s rule is applicable to

Q 47.

Study the following

(I) Exchange of \(O_2\) and \(CO_2 \)        Joseph Priestly                  Physiology

(II) Organ culture                           Hanning                            Tissue culture

(III) Phylogenetic classification      Hutchinson                       Taxonomy

(IV) Plant tissues                           Benson and Basham        Anatomy

The correct combination is

Q 48.
What will be the direction of net osomotic movement of water if solution ‘A’, enclosed in a semipermeable membrane, having an osmotic potential of -30 bars and turgor pressure of 5 bars is submerged in a solution B with an osmotic potential of -10 bars and 0 turgor pressure?

Q 49.

Study the following pairs

(I) Lathyrus Tendril                         (II) Ziziphus – Spines

(III) Argemone – Spines                 (IV) Smilax – Tendrils

Which of the above two pairs show same morphology of the modified structures?

Q 50.
The phase of cell cycle during which ‘DNA + polymerase’ is functionally active is

Q 51.
.It is justified that potato tuber is an underground stem because

Q 52.

.Match the biochemical processes given under Column I with their respective cellular locations given under Column II. From the answer choose the one which gives the correct combination of alphabets.

Column I                      Column II

A. Krebs cycle             1. Stroma

B. Glycolysis                2. Grana

C. Calvin cycle            3. Mitochondrial matrix

                                    4. Cytoplasm

Q 53.

.The phylloclades are

(I) Variation of cladodes

(II) Modified assimilatory stem bearing the flowers

(III) Found in all xerophytes

(IV) Found only in xerophytes

Q 54.
An ascomycetes fungus is

Q 55.

Study the following table

List – I                                                                           List – II

(a) Medullary rays                                                        (I) Dicot leaf

(b) Pericycle with dedifferentiating ability                    (II) Monocot stem

(c) Lignified hypodermis                                              (III) Dicot stem

(d) Mesophyll with heterogenous chlorenchyma        (IV) Monocot leaf

                                                                                    (V) Dicot root

Q 56.
‘Phycology’ is the study of

Q 57.
Identify the incorrect statement regarding vascular bundles of monocot stem

Q 58.
.RQ of sprouting potato tubers will be

Q 59.
. Heart wood and sap wood are formed due to

Q 60.
.Chlorophyll molecules are green in colour because they

Q 61.
Vein ending, epithem cavity and water stoma are the part of

Q 62.
The cohesive force existing between molecules of water is contribution to

Q 63.
Identify the incorrect statement regarding Tyloses

Q 64.
.Balbiani rings are the structural features of

Q 65.
The two chromatids of a metaphase chromosome represent

Q 66.
.In ATP, the high energy bond is the one which links

Q 67.

.Daughter cells of meiosis – I

(I) receive half the number of chromosomes of their parent cell

(II) Have same chromosome number

(III) Contain double the number of chromosomes compared to daughter cells of meiosis II

(IV) Receive half the number of chromosomes due to disjunction

Q 68.
A common feature shared by guard cells and mesophyll cells is

Q 69.
The part of chromatid / arm beyond secondary constriction is called

Q 70.
A polysome is formed by

Q 71.
Dichogamy favours cross pollination because

Q 72.
Construction of a recombinant DNA involves

Q 73.
Some diseases caused by bacteria are:

Q 74.
To promote the growth of lateral branches of a plant.

Q 75.
Jacob and Monad studied lactose metabolism in E . Coli and proposed operon concept. Operon concept is applicable for

Q 76.

What do A, B, C and D represent in the following figure?

Q 77.
.Which is a correct match?

Q 78.
The book “Die naturlichen pflazenfamilien” was written by

Q 79.

.Select the correct match from the option given below:

A. Phaeophyceae : Mannitol                           B. Rhodophyceae : Dictyota

C. Chlorophyceae : Non-motile gametes        D. Rhodophyceae : r − phycoerythrin

Q 80.
.A phylogenetic system of classification depends upon

Q 81.
.Keystone species deserve protection because these

Q 82.
Which of the following is correct about heterospory?

Q 83.
Tropical dense forest are due to

Q 84.
. In which of the following ecosystems, grazing food chain is the major conduit for energy flow?

Q 85.
In the vast marine ecosystem, certain sea develops red colouration. This red colour is due to the presence of large population of which one of the following organisms?

Q 86.
The purple cabbage leaves do not loose their colour in cold water but do so in the boiling water because

Q 87.

Given below is the diagram of stomatal apparatus. In which of the following all the four parts labelled as A, B, C and D are correctly identified?

Q 88.
Identify the correct statement among the following?

Q 89.
.Ground tissue includes

Q 90.
Why is the Krebs cycle called a cycle?

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