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Q 1.
An electron return from excited state to ground state in H-atom and emits a photon of wavelength \(\lambda\), the principle quantum number of excited state is given by

Q 2.
Which of the following are correct order of the enthalpy of hydration of \(Ca+^2, Mn+^2\) and \(Zn+^2\)

Q 3.
First ionisation energy is lowest for

Q 4.
The complex with inverse - spinel structure is

Q 5.
Amongst \(BCl_3\), \(CO_3^{-2},NO_3^-,CIO_3^{-},SO^{-2}_3,BO^{-2}_3,As_3^{2-}\) and\( SO_3\), the non-planar species are

Q 6.
For the titration of a 10 ml (aq) solution of \(CaCO_3\), 2 ml of 0.001 M \(Na_2 \)EDTA is required to reach the end point. The concentration of \(CaCO_3\) (molecular weight \(CaCO_3\) = 100) is

Q 7.
The oxidation states of S-atoms in Marshall’s acid and Caro’s acids are respectively

Q 8.
In carbon dating application of radio isotopes \(C_{14}\) emits

Q 9.
Which of the following compound does not decompose on heating?

Q 10.
The actual base pairs present in the double helical structure containing adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G) are

Q 11.
Find the P – O bonds are present in \(P_4O_6?\)

Q 12.
For hydrogen like atom with a nuclear charge Z, the energy of orbital with principal quantum number ‘n’ follows the relation

Q 13.
When hydrogen peroxide is added to acidified potassium dichromate, a blue colour is produced due to the formation of

Q 14.

The correct value of E° of a half cell in the following graph of E versus log m (molality) is

Q 15.
.If B.O.D. of a river is high, it means that the river is

Q 16.
Which of the following has unstable enol form?

Q 17.
During the addition polymerisation, the reaction proceeds via

Q 18.
The structure obtained when all the tetrahedral holes are occupied in a fcc structure of the type

Q 19.

Q 20.

The major product formed in the following reaction is

Q 21.
0.3 mol of NaCl and 0.3 mol of \(CaCl_2\) were dissolved in water to produce a 800 ml solution. The molarity of the Cl– ions is
Q 22.
For water \(\Delta\)Hvap\( \approx\) 41 kJ/mol, the molar entropy of vaporisation at 1 atm pressure and its boiling point is approximately
Q 23.

.PQ3(g) dissociates as \(PQ_3(g)\rightleftharpoons{PQ}_2(g)+\frac12Q_2(g)\)

When the initial pressure of PQ3 is 400 torr and the total pressure developed at equilibrium is 450 torr. What percentage fraction of \(PQ_3\) (g) is dissociated?

Q 24.

\(For\; the \;following\; reaction\\ 2MnO^-_4 + 5 H_2C_2O_4 + 6H^+ \to 2Mn^{+2} + 8H_2O + 10 CO_2\\ E° (MnO^-_4 / Mn^{+2}) = + 1.51 (V)\; and\; E° (CO_2 / H_2 C_2O_4) =\; – 0.49 V at\; 298 k, the\; equilibrium\; constant\; is \;10x . \\Find \;the \;value \;of\; x.\)

Q 25.

Find the sum of x, y and z in that order in the following process

\(xP + yOH^- \rightarrow{PH}_3 + zH_2PO_2 –\)

Q 26.
The root mean square speed of 4 g of He is 300 \(ms^{–1.}\) Total kinetic energy of He gas is
Q 27.

For a reaction, the rate constant K at 27°C was found to be

\(K = 5.4 * 10^{11} e–{50}\)

The activation energy of the reaction is

Q 28.

An ideal gas is taken around the cycle ABCA as shown in PV diagram. The net work done during the cycle is equal to …..PV.

Q 29.

The number of possible isomers for the square planar mononuclear complex

\([(NH_3)2_M (CN)_2]\)of a metal M is

Q 30.
\(I_2(s) | I^-(0.1M)\) half cell is connected to a \(H^+(aq)|H_2(1\; bar)|\)Pt half cell and EMF is found to be 0.7714 V. If \(E^o_{I_2/I^-}=0.535\;V\), the pH of \(H^+/H_2\) half-cell will be
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