What to do after JEE Advanced or JEE Mains ?

What to do after JEE Advanced or JEE Mains ?

The next big question after jee advanced 2020 result is what next?

If you cleared the exam then the selection of a branch is also a big decision. Students get confused about what IIT college Counseling and JEE college predictor is. Whether to take good branches in NIT or an average in IIT. Students should select their branches according to their interests. There is no dearth in the number of Job opportunities for IIT graduations in India. But this career choice is for LifeTime. You should not only check the monetary advantage but also other scope and exposure related to a specific branch.

But the big question is what if you didn't clear JEE mains 2020 or Jee advanced 2020?

As per the estimated data, there are approx. 1.5 Million Engineering Aspirants in India and amongst them, 1.2 Million candidates aspire for IIT JEE Exam while keeping an aim to get into IITs. So not all get the chance to enter IIT's and NIT"s. But there are lot many private colleges in India that accept JEE Mains Scores. If you don't get a seat in any NITs, IIITs, or GFTIs, then you may go for these colleges as they are truly luxurious and best suited with the IITs and NITs standards. Some of the private colleges are - Amity University, Thapar University, Birla Institute of Technology, Shiv Nadar University, Lovely Professional University.

On the other hand, the student should not forget that though JEE is the most popular Entrance Exam in India, but the candidates must not under-estimate the other Engineering Exams that hold the worth of National Importance too. Apart from the National Level, there are lot many State Level & University Level Exams.

Also when we didn't a clear exam, Sometimes we may overlook the biggest signs that a certain career path is not meant for us. An inability to score well despite giving it your all, or a lack of interest in the subjects, being some. The first step is to open up your mind to possibilities. There are hundreds of career options out there, with an immense number of opportunities and avenues to explore. And yes, they are as lucrative as engineering, if not more. Be it Law, Management, Psychology, or even something upcoming like Social Media Marketing, the possibilities are endless. Explore as many options as you can to find out what lies out there.

Although If you still feel that engineering is in your blood and soul, and there is no other career you would rather pursue, then consider taking a drop year. However, your reasons have to be logical and strong. Only because you feel you can clear an exam does not mean you will. Many students take a year drop without vision, only to end up wasting an additional year of their lives. Realistically evaluate your chances of clearing the JEE exam if you do take the drop.

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