What to choose? Good College or Good Branch?

What to choose? Good College or Good Branch?

After JEE advance, the most prevailing question among students during Josaa counseling 2020 is whether to select a good college with a bad stream or bad stream with a good college. If they have to make a decision in pursuing particular graduation like B. Tech or any other course, then finding the desired branch in a good college is difficult. However, if anyhow student even manages to find their dream branch but getting it in the top college may not be the case.

In this scenario of college predictor during Josaa counseling, the student must keep these points in mind:

First, if a student selects a good college then selecting a good branch in a college is just a part of their journey in college. If they are going to a reputed college in whichever branch, they become a part of their alumni network spread all over the world (which itself is a big thing), the more reputed is the college, more strong is the network. Also, the experience of the faculties come into play. The faculties go through rigorous training in a reputed college in order to maintain the quality of delivery and ranking etc. But now in this growing era some workforce organizations, researchers, and regional civic leaders are pushing back — persuading companies to look beyond academic credentials and to instead hire people based on their skills. A growing number of businesses are listening. In the past few years, Apple, Google, IBM, and other high-profile companies have stripped the bachelor's degree requirement from many of their positions.

Finding something that you're passionate about can improve your performance.

To know one's passion, the student should a list of a few work types that are a combination of his skills, characteristics, and passions. Then he needs to refine two or three of the strongest areas of your competence and be true to those competencies. Now he needs to connect to the people who are already doing the job he wants to do. It will give an idea of the work nature and boost his confidence in doing the same job.

Student needs to see beyond the 4 years. His choice needs to be aligned with his future because after 4-5 years his major time of life will be dedicated to that job. If the job aligns with his passion, he can be an expert in that field, if not, then he will always end up being mediocre. Selecting a branch of a student's interest can add up to his personal and professional life both.  Preferred stream' is for what he can relate to, and develop skills in. There is no 'wrong' decision in this, as one gets a job based on what skills one has acquired/developed proactively - beyond the college education.

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