New Year Resolution of JEE Aspirants

New Year Resolution of JEE Aspirants| Preparation Resolution for JEE Aspirants 2022

2021 is ending paving the way for 2022 and just like 2020, 2021 also had a pretty good proportion devoted to the jinx of COVID. Now apart from all the traditional hopes from the new year, we are also hoping to get a permanent break from the on-off cynical scenarios of the pandemic. Talking of traditions, the annual routine of new year resolutions is on its seasonal peak and we being your companion to success are yet again present for you with this burning topic of new year resolutions. Being a student, your life is very demanding for some strict and serious actions and if you are a JEE aspirant then the demands increase exponentially. So, to get the maximum out of your routine in your new annual chapter here are some new year resolutions for JEE Aspirants.


I know you are very much excited to know what your resolution should be but let me interrupt your excitement with a reality check. Here are some pointers. Get a pen and a paper and be honest in answering to every pointer.

  1. Did you make a resolution last year?

If yes, jump to the next pointer

If no, jump to pointer 3

  1. Did you manage to stick to it for more than 6 months?

If yes, jump to the conclusion

If no, jump to the next pointer

  1. Are you stalwart on following your resolution wholeheartedly this year?

In either case, jump to the conclusion.


Structuring up a resolution is a fragile move if you lack a strong determination and a strict demeanor to follow it effectively. It is very easy to announce a resolution on new year's eve’s party with your friends but it becomes more difficult to follow it from the very next day when your sleep-stricken eyes ditch your alarm clock. So, if you are ready to battle with your procrastinating and lazy side then only continue with this article. Merely reading the resolutions and picking your personal favorite is just a joke to yourself.

If you feel that you are ready to embrace the true motive of resolving for the new year then here are some great and helpful resolutions to add to your productivity and catalyze your JEE preparation speed.

  1. I resolve this year that I will maintain my health in its pink.

There is no valuable wealth than health as if you are not healthy then you won’t be able to put in desired efforts in your studies as well. So, one of the foremost new year resolutions for JEE aspirants must be to keep themselves healthy. Avoid junk food, drink an ample amount of water, eat a balanced diet, do yoga and exercise daily, and set up a healthy routine for yourself this year, and enjoy the outputs in your academic productivity.

  1. I resolve that I will minimize my screen time this year.

The biggest pitfall in the passage of JEE preparation is the distracting elements like social media, OTT channels, and the constant ding-dong of your smartphone notifications. We all know that once you start scrolling your mobile then minutes turn into hours rapidly and at the end of the day you realize that the whole day went in vain. Stop using social media, watching series and movies, and wasting time online as these habits can wait but JEE won’t.

  1. I resolve that I will learn something new almost daily this year.

Student years are a golden time to learn and the maximum you learn in these years will show up in your personality in the future. Start reading good books, join online courses of your interested niche, learn new and advanced topics of JEE, or polish your skills. The keyword is LEARN DAILY! Don’t let any day go to waste and enrich your portfolio each day with new skills, knowledge, and information.

  1. I resolve that I will increase my study hours this year.

You yourself don’t know your true potential and if you push yourself a bit more then you might get surprised with your new outputs. This year resolve to increase your study hours if you feel that you can snatch more time for studies from your routine.

  1. I resolve that I will do at least one mock test series daily this year

We know that we have told you the benefits of doing mock tests umpteen times but we can’t help as they are worth it. So, if you are still lacking mock practice then resolve to do at least one mock test series daily. It will boost your JEE preparation vividly. For most realistic and exam oriented test series you can practice the free mock test series provided by Margdarshan. Our test series are smartly designed by subject experts.

Your resolution depends on your current routine and these are just a help. Our main motive is to encourage you to bring positive and efficient changes in your life taking the excuse of the new year.

Important Points

If you are ready with your resolution then please keep the following points in your mind to get maximum out of your determination:

Be practical

The biggest reason behind failure in your resolution is setting up a target that is not achievable practically. So, aim for the routine and habits that are practical to follow.

Be Mature

Don’t follow a routine or resolution just to boast about it. Be honest to yourself as you are not a kid anymore. Be mature and resolve for outputs, not praises.

Be diligent

After a week, fortnight, or a month your energy and enthusiasm will start waning. This is the time when you are most intent to drop the resolution and give in to your laziness. Show your tenacity at that point to sustain to your words.

Add resolutions-

It is not written in any constitution or any holy book that you have to wait for the new year for sticking to some good habit. So when you become habitual to previous resolutions, add some more to your routine. It is never bad to be good after all.

Take breaks

It is always good to take breaks from your routine to prevent monotony. Take monthly breaks from your routine and get a cheat day for recreational activities. Enjoy the break to the fullest and resume your routine afterward with more energy.

Celebrate your success

Treat yourself with your favorite meal or anything you like quarterly or in two months to celebrate the success of your resolution. This way you would be more motivated to follow your new year resolution.

Margdarshan wishes you a very happy and prosperous New Year and we hope that this year proves to be a positive turning poi t in your career.

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