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JEE Mains 2021: Last Month Strategy| Boost your marks in last 30 days

It would be foolish of us to ask you if you are ready for your JEE Mains 2021 as three attempts of the exam are held already and the fourth one is due next month. But, our promise to be with you throughout the journey is forcing us to help you in every possible way we can. So, we are back with our bundle of tips, tricks, strategies, and plans that might be helpful for you in getting a step closer to your dream of cracking through JEE 2021.

The fourth attempt of the exam is just a month’s gap now. To extract the maximum out of the latest four attempt patterns, you need to hit hard in this attempt to let no regrets sustain post the exam. Gather all your experience and knowledge from the previous exam and pour in all the efforts that will make the last month preparation for JEE Mains count the most.

On our part, here is every important detail and strategy for this last month that can be critical for you:

The pattern of the JEE Mains 2021 exam

Not everyone hits on every ball. Some believe in crossing boundaries with a six in a single shot. If you are one such aspirant who is appearing only in the fourth attempt of the exam then you must be aware of the pattern of the exam based on previous attempts.

Total Questions: 90 (30 each subject)

Type of questions:20 MCQs and 10 Numerical answer type

To be attempted: 25 questions from each section with 5 numerical answer type

Last month strategy For JEE Mains

The last hit needs to be the strongest and for that, you need to have a robust strategy that can catalyze your efforts effectively. Though different students have different productivity, for the last month it is necessary to be swift and smart. By now you must have known about your strong and weak zones of the syllabus. So, according to that here is a strategy that you can adopt for greater output in leftover days:

  • Trisect the month: Divide the month into three sections of 10 days each.
  1. Section 1- Important Weak Topics: Cover all your weak topics that are important from the exam point of view in the first 10 days of the month.
  2. Section 2- Important Strong Topics: Revise all your strong topics that are important for the exam. This will boost your accuracy.
  3. Section 3- Quick Revision: Keep the last 10 days before the exam for a quick revision of all the important topics for JEE Mains from the notes you have been making.
  • Practice a mock test daily: We have suggested to you numerous times practicing mock tests and will still emphasize it. In your last month strategy for JEE Mains, practice at least one mock test daily. It is better to practice previous years' question papers as a mock test for a real-time experience.
  • Evaluate and Analyse your Mock Test: After attempting the mock test evaluate and analyze your mock test for testing your growth.
  • Improve your accuracy: focus on improving your accuracy in the exam as it is not the number of questions you will be attempting but correct answers that will count.
  • Practice Mock Tests


Tips to give your best shot in the last attempt

  • Focus on the topics which were troublesome in the last attempts.
  • Don’t start with any new book or topic as it may jeopardize your prepared topics.
  • Start cramming formulas and important results to keep them at the brim of your memory during the exam.
  • Keep your last-minute note handy for quick revision.
  • Don’t repeat mistakes made in previous attempts.

How to use experience from previous attempts

If you have appeared in a previous exam then use the experience wisely. Here are some tips to learn from your experience:

Time Management: Since you have appeared in the exam before so you are well aware of the pattern and time consumed by you in each section of the exam. Prepare your exam day strategy using that knowledge and try to increase your speed on the topics that took time in previous attempts.

Strength and Weakness: Your previous attempts would have given you a good idea about your strong and weak topics. Emphasize both of these as it will add to your accuracy and speed in the last attempt.

Work on panic zones: If you faced any anxiety or got panicked in previous attempts then this is the perfect time to work on that. Don’t ignore these psychological issues as they can significantly influence your performance in the exam.

Additional Tips

  1. Relax a day before the exam: Give your mind and body some rest and relax a day before the exam. Your mind needs to process all the information you have stuffed it within last month.
  2. Keep yourself healthy and hydrated: We know it sounds repetitive but yes, it is important enough to be repeated as you cannot keep your hard work at stake because of unwanted health issues. Meditate daily for your mental health and stick to a healthy and hydrating diet to stay fresh and sound.
  3. Do not panic before and during the exam: Imagine, you are sitting in the exam hall and unable to attempt the first 10 questions. Panicked? You must not. This is where to play daringly. No matter how many questions you are attempting, just maintain your cool as after some time your mind will resume its functioning and you will start solving the problems eventually. So, don’t lose your calm in any situation.


We have already informed you about the important topics for the exam and multiple times we have given you tips from our in-house experts. So, gear up for cracking up the last attempt as toppers do by extracting from every second left for the exam. Make each day count so that you don’t have to wish for any more days of JEE Mains preparation before exam day and all you carry to the exam center is knowledge, confidence, and of course essential documents.

Margdarshan wishes you all the best and we are eager to hear about your success stories.


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