JEE Advanced 2022: Last 21 days | Preparation strategy and tips & tricks for JEE Advanced 2022

Now that JEE Main exam 2022 results are out and the registration date for JEE Advanced exam 2022 has been released, it leaves you with the final 21 days to fully utilize your time to excel in the JEE Advanced exam. You need to strategize these 21 days so that you make the most out of them. Read further to know how to do that.

Strategies for the last 21 days- What you should do and what you should avoid?

  • Revise & revise

Make sure you make your schedule in a way that you revise the most important topics in the last few weeks of the JEE Advanced exam. Revise your sticky notes and formulae. Dedicate some time each day for your weaker/ difficult areas. Make sure your basic concepts are clear. Check out the top 3 revision strategies here.


  • Solve previous years’ JEE Advanced question papers

Refer to past year’s question papers and make it a point to thoroughly prepare those topics. Analyze the questions and self-evaluate. Come up with a strategy to solve JEE Advanced paper and manage your time distribution accordingly.


  • No last-moment changes!

Do not change your source of preparation at the last moment as it will disrupt your pictorial memory of what you have revised. Revise your weaknesses and brush up on your strengths.


  • Mock tests

A mock test a day keeps anxiety away!

Mock tests are an effective way to revise your strategies. Practice a mock test every day on the same exam timings. Try to maintain the same exam environment. Understand the paper pattern. You can start this by taking Margadarshan’s carefully crafted mock tests here.


  • No night owling!

Do not sleep on this very minute yet important aspect. Follow a schedule and sleep accordingly. Make sure to adhere to it. You don’t want to wake up tired on D-day.


  • Some important topics for JEE Advanced 2022: Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

           Physics: Modern Physics


                         Work, Power, Energy

                         Wave Optics

                         Electromagnetic Induction

    Chemistry: Thermodynamics

                        P- block elements

                       Chemical bonding


                      Carbonyl Compounds

Mathematics: Quadratic equations


                       Permutations and Combinations



Don’t rely on just these topics. Research your own and revise your weak topics.

Some things to remember-

  • Take adequate sleep and diet. An empty stomach leads to an empty mind.
  • Avoid going out and eating outside food so that you don’t fall ill.
  • Make minimum contact with negative people and surround yourself with family and good friends.
  • Avoid preparation discussions with your peers in the last few days.
  • Don’t let your mock test results affect your confidence.
  • Don’t overburden yourself.
  • Take adequate breaks to remain fresh. This will enhance your retention power.

Lastly, try to maintain your calm. You have prepared for the past 2 years. No one else’s planning and strategy is going to help you. Have a little faith in yourself. We know you will do great! Here are some pearls of wisdom on how to crack the JEE Advanced 2022 exam.

All the best!

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