Impact of 12th Board Cancellation On JEE/NEET Exams

Impact of 12th Board Cancellation On JEE/NEET Exams

The COVID scenario brought to us many unanticipated circumstances and historic events. Before the pandemic, no one would have imagined even in their wildest dreams that one day the whole nation would be locked down. The new normal way of life was never expected before 2020. And now, one of the most unexpected take-ups in the history of the Indian Education system created a wave of shock, uncertainties and debates, and that is the Cancellation of 12th Board exams.

The 12th board exams used to be a milestone in the academic lives of students and they were the decisive factor of their further ventures. It is for the first time that these prominent exams are cancelled. Amidst all the cuss, the most concerned crowd is the students preparing for JEE/NEET and university entrances. They are left in a pool of uncertainties on what would be next?

Following our traditions, Margdarshan is again out to help you with all the future possibilities after the board cancellation. Here is all you need to know about board cancellation and its impact on JEE/NEET 2021 and university admissions.

All about 12th board cancellation:

On the first of June 2021, the government announced cancelling of C.B.S.E 12th board exams given to the pandemic. The evaluation and assessment of the students will be made on a fair and efficient pattern, which was added by the officials. After the C.B.S.E and CISCE board cancellation, many state governments like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Rajasthan and Odisha also scrapped the 12th board exam. Other states are yet to decide on the decisive exams.

Impact of 12th Board Cancellation on JEE 2021 and NEET  2021

After the cancellation of the 12th board exams, now the concern is again narrowed down to the two most significant entrance exams, JEE and NEET. A review committee is being organised to make clear decisions of when the remaining phases of the engineering entrance exam and medical entrance will be held.

The cancellation of the two major entrances seems to a no possibility as admission to premium engineering and medical colleges can be done only on solid grounds. Institutes cannot afford to scrap a complete year curriculum. According to the official NEET 2021 Website launched on 2nd June 2021, the application process for NEET 2021 will start soon, but, there is no concrete information regarding the date of the exam. Possibilities are that the exam may be held in the first week of September.

The review committee will soon come up with some clear information on both exams.

Till now the decision if C.B.S.E on 12th board exams was being awaited for next decision on the major entrances. Now since it is out,  cancellation of the 12th board exams is going to have a significant impact on the entrance exams. Students may expect a rise in competition as now these are the only exams to evaluate the credibility of students academically. Also, since the syllabus of the exams was never shortened as of C.B.S.E exams, a thorough revision of the complete syllabus must be done to get a breakthrough score.

Impact on Preparation:

It is needless to say that the 12th board cancellation is going to pose a great impact on the momentum of the preparation of JEE/NEET aspirants. For some, it’s going to boom, it is going to face a speed breaker. How? Here are the two scenarios:

  • For students who were passionate only about the entrance throughout would be a lot more relaxed now, as the extra burden of board exams is taken off them now. All they have to focus upon now is their dream entrance exam. This way they can get more time and attention space for their preparation.
  • Some students were equally dedicated to their board percentage as they were for entrance. Now, since the exams are scrapped, so are some of their expectations and confidence, as the C.B.S.E 12th class assessment criteria are yet not clear. The thoughts of not getting an expected or deserving score might puzzle their mind a bit and distract them from their entrance preparation.

For both cases, the time now is just to focus on entrance preparation, as that is the only certainty present. Also, the option provided by C.B.S.E to take the exam upon dissatisfaction with assessment score should be kept considered. The smart move would be to focus completely on your entrance without wasting any more time.

Other Universities' Take on Admission processes

If we go beyond JEE and NEET, then there are many other universities where admissions were subjected to a merit list based on the 12th board percentage. Coming from the office of Delhi University, CUCET is the most probable option for admissions now. Other options that have a potential future in admission criteria under these unprecedented circumstances are:

  • Some engineering, science or medical universities might use the JEE/NEET score for admissions
  • Private entrance exams can be held by universities
  • The scores that will be announced by C.B.S.E on new norms can be used for setting a merit list.

What Should Students' Do Now

The COVID scenario has taken a huge toll on the students. Ever developing uncertainties is making it tough for them to be focused on a goal. But, to come out from this situation as a winner, consistency and determination is the only way. Here are few tips for the students to keep up their momentum:

  • Drag in all your focus on your entrance preparation.
  • Stay away from rumours.
  • Be positive(psychologically, not COVID)
  • Stay motivated

Margdarshan is always on their toes to keep you informed with authentic updates. So, just focus on your preparation and leave it on us to keep you tracked with all the latest information about JEE mains 2021, NEET 2021 and other academic information.

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