How to Prepare Physics for JEE Mains 2021?

How to Prepare Physics for JEE Mains 2021?

As we know, Physics has always been considered as a complicated subject. The subject requires a very keen conceptual approach to the problems as well as the theoretical approach. In physics there are many derivations and Formulas which requires a good level of Mathematical approach to get the final result.

In order to score well in physics, a proper strategy and planning is required.The student should elevate all the topics of Physics. From basic Physics to the Complex physics topics. All topics playan important role for the examinations point of view but If planned properly, physics can enhance the student’s JEE Main result. In order to crack the subject with good scores, following the right JEE Main preparationtips is important.

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1) Student should know the physics JEE Main 2021 syllabus

For making strategies, this must be the first step to know the whole syllabus of physics paper. Physics has questions from both Class 11 and Class 12 too.


JEE Main 2021 Syllabus: Physics 


Physics and measurements


Laws of motion

Work, energy and power

Rotational motion


Properties of solids and liquids


Kinetic theory of gases

Oscillations and waves


Current electricity

Magnetic effects of current and magnetism

Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents

Optics, Dual nature of matter and radiation

Atoms and nuclei, Electronic devices


Experimental skills

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2) Make a Timetable

Once a student become familiar with the syllabus of Physics for JEE Mains 2021, it is advisable to prepare a timetable for each chapter and topic. While preparing the timetable, ensure that you have given yourself time to eat, sleep and study. It is advisable to start with the chapters that either carry a lot of weightage in the paper or are difficult to complete. However, once you have prepared a timetable, you should adhere to the timetable that you've designed. Therefore, while preparing, keep in mind your abilities. While it is necessary to push yourself to do more every day, it is also advisable to keep your goals realistic as well.


3) Take Care of the important Topics :

11 Topics of Physics you must study well for JEE Mains

  1. Dimensional Analysis
  2. Gravitation
  3. Electrostatics
  4. Current Electricity
  5. Heat Transfer
  6. Electromagnetic Induction
  7. Waves & Sound
  8. Geometrical Optics
  9. Thermodynamics
  10. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  11. Rotational Dynamics

Then come a) basic topics you must have a strong grasp on, b) scoring topics, c) important topics which you should practice a lot.

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4) Both Theory and Numerical are imp

Student should give the weightage equally both to numerical and the theory part of a chapter. Both numerical and theory of a topic are interlinked and often, JEE Main exams contain questions which are numerical but require a theoretical concept to solve the problem. Keep practicing both theoretical and numerical methods simultaneously to help you have a better understanding of the topic and variations involved within.


5) Take Notes

If student is preparing for JEE Main, then it’s beneficial to make a habit of writing down notes for every chapter. These notes will turn out to be helpful during your revision period to revisit the chapter and will help you remember the key points of the different topics. While jotting down notes, make sure you have mentioned the theories and numerical equations relevant to the topic. This will reduce your time in searching for the information later in the future. The notes you write down will define the quality of revision that you will be able to do in the last days of the exam.


6) To Solve

Physics is the subject which requires practice to solve the questions. It Strengthen your grip on concepts and topics. As a student preparing for JEE Main, you must solve questions of the past ten years. Solving JEE Main question papers will help you form a general idea of the type of questions asked in the exam. While solving questions, don’t forget to maintain an error-log and resolve your doubts immediately. This will help you to keep an insight of your weak points and common mistakes to avoid while taking the exam. Every student preparing for an exam has a strong subject and a weak subject. Try to solve more questions from your weak areas. This will help you overcome your weakness. But don’t neglect your strong subject. Keep practising it as well.

Additionally, while solving questions, make a habit of solving them under a certain time constraint. For instance, solve 25 questions in 50 minutes. This will help you improve your speed and manage time.


7) Do Revision

Revision is a very important factor while preparing for the exam. Student didn’t take care of this key point and keep on studying the next but this is a factor that you should keep in mind while drafting the timetable for the preparation of Physics for JEE Mains 2021. Revision of a subject or topic should include revisiting the notes and key elements of the subjects and attempting mock tests and previous year question papers of JEE Mains. Attempting previous year question papers and mock tests will allow you to map out the knowledge you have gained for the subject, understand the type of questions asked and the time it takes for you to answer the questions.

While attempting mock tests and previous year question papers, it is advisable to time yourself. If you are able to train yourself in terms of accuracy and answer the question correctly within the stipulated time period, you will stand a better chance at cracking JEE Mains 2021.


8) Take Mock Test Regularly-

By giving mock test on a regular basis, student can understand the pattern of main exam JEE Mains 2021 also their fear of main exam will be reduced by it. Student become familiar by it.

Free Mock test for JEE 2021

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