How to prepare for JEE at this stage

How to prepare for JEE at this stage

From now onwards, approx. 2 months are left for the JEE exam. And if you are in class 12th then merely 1 month is left for preparation of JEE because there will be boards in March. So the question is how to prepare for JEE at this stage.

Learning a new concept will take stock of time therefore at this stage try to revise older concepts. For revision NCERT is the best book and if time permits then you can also try NCERT Exemplar. Try to revise as much as possible and practice previous year questions because the question may not be repeated but the concept does. The basic formulas should be by-hearted as the exam needs time management. Negative marking plays a key role in the rank of an individual and that is why consistency in practice is needed. Proper planning is needed for preparation; you can plan daily which is very useful in achieving bigger targets. Planning takes about 5 to 10 minutes but it is very beneficial in the exam. It is the most crucial time in the preparation and you have to use every single penny of time. You cannot afford any distractions and try to avoid late-night parties.

Although preparation is necessary for the exam but in the planning of preparation, some mood freshening elements should be there. Try to sit for at least two hours and then take a break of half an hour. It is the most effective formula for me, during my preparation and so it could help you. During the break try to do some activity or exercise and do not use mobile phones because it gives stress to your eyes which are already tried due to long studying hours. The preparation strategy can be changed daily.

In late February you should start preparing for the boards and during this, also try to revise concepts of PCM as the syllabus for JEE Mains is almost similar to the 12th exam. For droppers, it is the bonus time to improve their rank as the 12th students are busy on their boards. Their strategy is quite simple that they have to prepare only for JEE and use maximum possible time.

Students, please try to sleep for at least 8 hours per day as it is very necessary to rest our brain.

This was our point of view. What is your preparation strategy?   

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