How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2021

How to prepare for JEE Advanced 2021

JEE Advanced 2021 is ringing near and so is the student's anxiety. The leader of the competitive exams' bandwagon and the dream of thousands of scientific brains out there on the verge of entering college life, the JEE advanced is certainly not an easy nut to crack. One needs to be highly dedicated and smart in the preparation to be eligible for a seat in the IITs.

Amidst the growing uncertainties, a tentative date of JEE advanced 2021 is announced to be the 3rd of July 2021. But, the COVID-19 may again be a decisive factor in rescheduling the exam and there are pretty good probability of the exam getting postponed. But to keep yourself ready for every circumstance, it would be a wise take to be advance in your preparations rather than focusing on the date of the exam. To make your JEE advanced preparation more viable and exam-specific, here we provide a tailored strategy for the students.

JEE Advanced Strategy

As far as an airtight strategy for cracking JEE advanced is concerned, there is no ‘one size fits all scheme. But, some universal techniques are helpful for all:

  • Set your daily, weekly and monthly targets:

Taking the announced JEE Advanced date to be final, you have less than 2 months left for the D Day. So, set yourself productive and achievable targets on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Divide your whole syllabus accordingly so that you can go through every topic of the curriculum well before the exam.

  • Don’t start Cramming

It is a general tendency of students to hop on cramming the concepts when the exam approaches near. This is the biggest mistake to beware of. Don’t compromise on the conceptual knowledge as it will pay to be your best weapon in the exam.

  • Turn to mock tests:

Almost all of the previous IIT qualifiers and specially toppers have briefed us on the significance of mock tests in getting you closer to success in the exam. So, don’t get loose on them, and practice at least one mock test daily. The best way to it would be to perform the mock test in proper time limit and real-time exam scenario. Trust us, each mock test will take you one step closer to success.

  • Analyze the mock test's results:

Take an hour for analyzing your mock test result daily. Scrutinize your strong and weak areas, note them down and spare 2-3 hours from your routine to work on the weak zones.

  • Finalize your sectioning scheme

To be in rhythm during the exam, prepare your pattern to be followed during performing the exam ready in advance. Prepare robust sectioning based on your weak and strong subjects.

  • Be always in the learning zone

Apart from study hours, you can use your miscellaneous time in preparation for the exam as well. Paste formula notes at various places like your room door, bathroom, exercise area, etc. This will help you memorize important formulas during showers, exercises and normal passing bys.


Important Points

The perfect warrior never compromise on any vertical. Subjective preparations are first requirement towards clearing your exam. But, to be more pronounced in your exam rehearsal there are many other factors also to keep check on:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated to be more concentrated, fresh and healthy for exam.
  2. Though the registration for the exam is not open yet, but once it opens complete your JEE Advanced registration on time to prevent last minute rush.
  3. Practice an hour of meditation and yoga to increase your productivity.
  4. Rely on healthy food to keep your health optimum.
  5. Try to stay away from negative news.
  6. Be in touch with friends and teachers to be updated regarding any developments.


Be ahead of the time and the race to mark up your name in your dream IIT. A perfect strategy and an earnest endeavor is all you need to call out successfully to the JEE advanced 2021. 

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