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Benefits Of JEE Mains Test Series

Solving Mock Tests is the best practice to prepare for any examination. JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be conducted online in Computer Based Test (CBT) format. It is being conducted in the online mode since 2018. Apart from JEE, giving mock test for NEET exam is equally important.Aspirant should Practice questions of JEE Main and NEET which are in the same pattern as asked in the main exam.

The mock test is designed to offer JEE/NEET aspirants a methodical approach for testing of his preparation towards the prestigious Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) or The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. Additionally, by giving mock test series student can determine how much more endeavour is requisite from his end to do well.

Why Mock Test ?

JEE and NEET are one of the toughest college-level entrance examinations in the country. Though the pattern of the question paper has changed a lot over time but practice and patience have always been crucial to preparation, it is very important to have the right temperament in an exam where you are racing against time to prove your mettle. These series act as a stepping stone to the success of taking an entrance examination which can be taken through e-learning sites.

These are various benefits of giving mock test :

1)  It makes you assured of what you have learned for EXAM, which ultimately helps in performing well on the final day.

2)  Mock test help in providing the required practice.

3)  Mock tests help you cover the entire syllabus.

4)  It clear the doubts beforehand.

5)  Mock tests make you aware of the important topics that you have missed.


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How to practice for mock tests?

      1) Be regular about giving the paper and solving it within the stipulated time limit.

     2) When the paper is done, calculate the total marks obtained.

     3) Do check the solution of wrong questions attempted by you and develop the approach of solving       questions with accuracy.

     4) Analyze your entire performance in that particular test and then see where you need to work on.

     5) Take the test again and again. Devote last few weeks only on revision.

     6) There are different types of mock test. Some are topic-based, some chapter-wise and some cumulative. You may give the papers depending on your requirement.


 Benefits of Margdarshan IIT JEE / NEET Online Test Series :

  • Gives analysis of test: Margdarshan Test Series provide analysis report which will be available after completing the test.
  • Helps in Improving Weaker areas: Margdarshan series make you able to see in which areas or topics you are making mistakes, so that it can be improved before the exam date.
  • Helps in improving Time Management: For each question time taken per question and section will be available to students, for better time utilization during the exam.
  • Time Saving and Economical: There is No need to go to any practice test centre. Margdarshan Online test series is a convenient and affordable option to solve online.

Important Tip for Final Exam


1) Focus on regular practice:

For conceptual clarity, it is important that you spend time practising questions. You must solve at least 20 relevant questions in a day. As NTA has introduced numerical type questions in JEE 2020, ensure that you practice the same to get ready for the latest exam pattern and same goes with NEET.


2) Be Confident: you should experience being confident and positive.


3) Be Cool and Calm: you should maintain being cool and calm. Writing an examination is not only knowledge testing, but also testing your anxiety.


4) Read the Question Properly: It is very vital for you to read the questions properly and calmly before solving the test series. It is usually believed that if the answers are started well in the beginning, the ending also will be similar.


5) Time Consciousness : You must be able to develop a habit of attempting several mock test series papers by planning your time efficiently.  Accuracy and speed in solving the questions helps you greatly. 


How to Practice JEE Main, Advanced and NEET Online Mock Tests?

  • Login to the Margdarshan Online Test Series Portal with the Username and Password provided to you (After Registration).
  • When you Login into Margdarshan online test Series, you will get the list of Tests which you can check.
  • Whenever you are ready to give an online test, Click on TAKE TEST. Read the instructions given on screen. After reading the instructions, you can Start the test.
  • Margdarshan provides Analysis Report When you finish the Test or when time is over.

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