10 things to remember before choice filling in JoSAA

10 things to remember before choice filling in JoSAA

1) How Many Colleges Should You Apply To? – Students should apply to max 25-30 colleges and avoid filling unnecessary colleges. If you apply to more than that, you're probably going to make the application process too stressful and time-consuming. Also, most students who apply to more than 15 colleges are applying to at least a few colleges that they wouldn't want to attend.

2) Rank Factor in applying the choices – students should probably know that ranks and cutoffs are the most important factors in college admission. The student should fill the choices of only those colleges which are near to their cutoff. Filling choices beyond their limit will make no sense.

3) CS distracts and confuses – students run blindly behind the cs branch but not all can get it. If you want to become a better person and want to achieve something really big the only thing that will matter is if you like it, own it, have a passion for it. students taking up computer science/Information Technology instead of what they really are made to fail most of the time. So ask yourself, call upon the inner voice, your heart will surely reply.

4) Preference order during josaa choice filling – first make out a list of all NIT's and GFIt's you want to give high preference over others.

Then check out the branch or stream you want to get into.

Finally, arrange the preference list like-

For eg. You have selected 3 collages A, B, C, and 3 streams 1,2,3

Then you should fill the preference like-

College A - stream 1

College B - stream 1

College C - stream 1

College A - stream 2

College B - stream 2

College C - stream 2

College A - stream 3

College B - stream 3

College C - stream 3

And so on like this depending upon no. Of colleges and streams.

5) How important is the order of preference for JoSAA 2020 choice filling?  Your order of preference will get your preferred college and branch. So make sure that you fill your choices according to your interest and preference. Take care of the order of preference too, if a student goes with random ranking then possibilities are there that the student might end up getting the last preferred college and not get a chance to change it. The choices must be filled carefully in the decreasing order of the preferences of institutes and B.Tech branches where a candidate seeks admission. Candidates can re-arrange the order of preferences by using the rearrange option.

6) Taking Care of Numbers – The choice of filling should include max 25-30 including colleges and branches both. Going up to 100 lists of choices will create chaos in the road.

7) Things to remember while choosing engineering college – check the credentials of the institute chosen by you. Engineering aspirants must understand the nuances of science to help develop society.

How promising is the placement policy –

The statement of "100% placement" is a game plan of every other institution today to attract more students. Unfortunately, not even the most prestigious institutes in India can claim to offer 100% placements. This is because the placement is not just about facilitating a job for a student in a specific domain, but to provide students with the chance to develop the courage to accept every challenge paving the road to the development of a society.  


  • Check for scholarships and financial aid


Engineering is usually one of the costliest college majors. Fortunately, there are scholarships available for students. In India,    especially, scholarships are not just limited to the meritorious students but are also extended to certain caste groups and students living below the poverty line.

Mistakes made by aspirants –

1) Opting engineering just because of their friends or neighbor

2) Joining an engineering course only due to social pressure

3) Joining a college that lacks good facilities and faculties

4) Not taking care of student: faculty ratio

5) Joining an engineering college only for its brand name


8) JoSAA Cut Off | Opening and Closing Ranks – Check the last year's opening and closing ranks of last year at Josaa's official site. Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) conducts the JEE Main Counselling body for the candidates who have qualified in JEE Main. JoSAA has released the cut-off for JEE Main Exam on the official website. Also, direct links to the previous year's cut-offs are given in. Cut off is set up based on the level of test, a total no of candidates appeared in that specific period, and no seats accessible in a specific year for which the test is conducted. A student should check the list carefully.


9) Checking the documents and notifications – It's very important to keep the focus on important notifications.

Few things can be edited at the time of JoSAA Registration and some details cannot be edited. Check the information given below for the same:

Fields that cannot be changed –


Father's / Mother's / Guardian's Name

Date of Birth

Class 12th Examination Board


Fields that can be changed:

State of Eligibility




10) Choice Locking – After the JoSAA choice filling is completed, the candidates will have to lock their choices before the final date. In case any candidate fails to lock the choices, the choices made will be automatically submitted on the final date. If the Student is unsure then choice locking should be done in the end as after that changes in the preference can not be done.


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